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The unique taste and texture of snow white halibut from Glitne is formed by the cold, crystal-clear waters of Norwegian fjords. It’s white meat, firm texture and delicate sweet flavour makes it perfect for any cooking style and wildly popular among chefs. It is the world’s premium, white-fleshed fish. Find inspiration for cooking with halibut by looking at our best recipes below.
  • Halibut basics

    Halibut basics

    Atlantic halibut (Hippoglossus hippoglossus) is the biggest representative of the flatfish species worldwide. It is a sought-after species, but the wild stock has been over-fished for decades, making it a red-listed and threatened species with limited catches.

  • Techniques


    Learn how to cut and cook your Glitne halibut, just as the best chefs do.

  • Recipes


    Do you fancy your Glitne halibut hot or cold? Chef Frode Alræk at Søtt + Salt shares some of his best recipes.