Glitne Halibut

From seawater to table; Glitne halibut (Atlantic halibut) reflects our commitment to sustainability. Resources are precious and should be used in their entirety, which is why we designed a product line that utilizes all parts of the halibut.
  • Glitne® Whole Halibut

    Glitne® Whole Halibut

    Whole halibut from Glitne is harvested locally from water with a temperature of 9 °C. All handling of the fish is done by hand and with care.

  • Glitne® Smoked Halibut

    Glitne® Smoked Halibut

    Glitne fuse ancient Norwegian seafood traditions with inspiration from modern cuisine. Lightly cold-smoked and delicately salted, this halibut will enhance the most special occasions.

  • Glitne® Halibut Cuts

    Glitne® Halibut Cuts

    Glitne halibut cuts are easy to use and a convenient way to enjoy the renowned Glitne halibut. Available as fillets or cuts on-the-bone.